Friday, November 27, 2009

My Sweet Baby Oliver

On November 23, 2009, my Sweet Baby Oliver passed away. He was not acting as he normally did, so we took him into the vet, and they told us he had cancer, and he had about two to four months to live. We later found out that he also had cancer in his liver and spleen, and if we didn't put him down soon, his spleen would rupture, and he would bleed to death. So, we made the decision while in California to put him to sleep. This decision was so hard knowing we would not be able to see him one last time.
Oliver was the GREATEST dog that ever lived. Even though he had a mind of his own, and was sometimes a little brat, he was the cutest dog ever born. He ruled our family with his adorable looks and loving personality. Even though he hated to cuddle with me (and most of the time I would force him to), I know he truly cared about me. Whenever I would cry, he would lay by me, letting me know he was there for me. Whenever I would come home from the Deeg, he would sleep on my bed. We also always took random naps together. He was always the best napping partner. Even though I annoyed him so much, because I always wanted to be holding him or putting costumes on him, I know he loved me deep down.
Right before we left to Cali, I spent 3 nights at home. I would not have normally done that, but I decided to that week. Oliver and I spent a lot of time together, taking naps, watching movies, or just laying by him. I know I stayed home those few days because he was about to leave, and Heavenly Father knew I needed more time with him. I noticed he was so sad, so during those couple of days, I fed him a lot of cheese which I know he loved. When my dad took him to the vet, for some reason it was so hard to let go. Now that I know that was the last time I saw him, I know everything worked out how it was supposed to. He lived a wonderful life of ten years making every day more exciting than the day before. He was loved by many, and I know many people were hurt by him leaving. But, I know his cousin Toby was in heaven waiting for him, and he is more happy than ever. My mom says we have him as a special angel to watch over us as we are still down here.
I love you Oliver, and miss you so much. Thank you for all of the fun memories!!