Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Airport Visit

So my best friend THOM left on Wednesday for Texas! Even though the MTC advises no one to come to the airport when a missionary leaves, we decided we needed to pay a visit to the airport. We got there a little late (Timmy drove extremely slow on the freeway), so we were worried we had missed him. My mom had made sweet rolls so we brought those and just waited for what seemed like forever. Finally, we saw a big group of missionaries walk in, and I took off running to see him. I could not wait! I was so excited, and he was thrilled to see us there. Alex made fun of him for a while, but soon enough the boys were talking about sports. Of course. Thom's mission companion did not like that we were there. After a while, he had to leave, but I was just so happy that we were able to see him. He is such a great missionary!